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Tenant Maintenance Portal

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Q: Where do I pay rent?

A: Rent is e-transferred to RCHS at

Q: Are pets allowed?

A: The only circumstance a pet will be allowed is if a doctor's note is received stating the medical/emotional need for an animal. 

Q: Can my spouse move into my rental?

A: If you wish to move your spouse in, you must contact RCHS directly and reapply with both your combined income. Approval will be finalized by the board of directors.


Tenant rights/resources/forms

​BC Tenant Resource & Advisory Centre

TRAC’s website is your online guide to better understanding tenant-landlord law in British Columbia.


Apply for free AC units provided by BC Hydro by following the link below. These portable ACs are intended to provide targeted cooling for extreme heat relief and safety. 

Free product installation and energy coaching (


Emergency Contact: 250-805-0522

Non-Urgent Concerns:

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