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RCHS: a leader in housing

Serving the community of Revelstoke since 2007


VALUES: RCHS believes in promoting a community where everyone has access to safe, secure, and affordable housing. By working closely with stakeholders in the community the Society is taking action to make this goal a reality. 

ACTIONS: RCHS provides below market housing- housing targeted towards young professionals, and working people that cannot afford at market prices. This is different from social housing assistance which is subsidized based on a household's income. However, those on social housing assistance, mays till apply for RCHS units. 


  • Develop safe, adequate, suitable, and affordable housing solutions that meet the needs of Revelstoke residents.

  • Engage with the community to make informed, effective, and transparent decisions.

  • Preserve and oversee the management of all affordable housing stock established by the Society and the City of Revelstoke.

  • Establish and oversee the management of a housing reserve fund.

  • Communicate with the City Council and other non-profits on housing-related matters.

  • Promote awareness of housing issues in the community.

  • Make decisions, including the selection of renters in a fair and consistent manner.

  • Lobby senior levels of government and other agencies for support and resources to deliver affordable housing solutions to the city of Revelstoke.


News, initiatives  and Events

Currently the Society operates 3 buildings with 38 units in total and an additional building is in development. With the demands of housing in our community, RCHS is committed to achieving greater operational capacity in order to expand its role as a housing supplier and leader of change. 


Become a part of the RCHS family

If you are interested in staying up to date with our initiatives you may apply for a membership on our membership page. As a member you are invited to attend the monthly board meetings held the third Wednesday of every month. 

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