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Working Towards a Better Tomorrow

The Revelstoke Community Housing Society (RCHS) is a non-profit corporation formed by the citizens of Revelstoke in conjunction with the municipality.  The primary objective of RCHS is to provide, manage and promote a range of affordable housing options within the city of Revelstoke that are accessible to local residents.  RCHS will strive to become a self-sustaining entity.

MISSION:  We exist to provide, manage, promote, and explore a range of affordable housing options within Revelstoke and Area that are accessible to local residents.

VISION: Revelstoke is a community where everyone always has a safe, decent and affordable place to live.

The purposes of the Revelstoke Community Housing Society are:

  1. Develop safe, adequate, suitable and affordable housing solutions that meet the needs of Revelstoke residents.

  2. Engage with the community to make informed, effective and transparent decisions.

  3. Preserve and oversee the management of all affordable housing stock established by the Society or the City of Revelstoke.

  4. Establish and oversee the management of a housing reserve fund.

  5. Advise Revelstoke City Council on housing related matters.

  6. Promote awareness of housing issues in the community.

  7. Make decisions, including the selection of purchasers and renters, in a fair and consistent manner.

  8. Lobby senior levels of government and other related agencies for support and resources to deliver affordable housing solutions in Revelstoke.

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